Why buy from us?

"The only source of knowledge is Experience”…….Albert Einstein

Local Knowledge& Presence

Living, Working and Experiencing the destination is all our local experts do day to day; Know more than an outsider do.

Better prices

Each DMC partner have better negotiating power and lower overheads hence lower and competitive prices passed on to you with better value.

Multiple Product Choice & Flexibility

Hotels, Serviced Apartments, Packages, Leisure groups, M.I.C.E., Transfers, Tours, VIP bookings, and other destination services and last minute requests.

Convenience (Single booking Global DMC platform):

24x7 Customer Service in the region…..

Single Window AP (Accounts Payable)

Better Influence

They know who to call to make special request and ideas possible, get that extra good price or book an inaccessible venue.

Access to Benefits

The local expert can make the client an instant VIP through connections, free upgrades, hard to get restaurant reservations, cutting queues, & local guides.

Save time

Clients save time when dealing with multiple providers in a foreign language, as well international call charges, when dealing with local specialists.

Safety Net

A local DMC provide a safety net to protect your client from unpleasant surprises or something unexpected should happen, last minute cancellation or bad weather, the Local specialists will have a back-up plan ready.

Tailor Made Experience

A Local specialist can tailor make a proposal or package to a client’s exact need and requirement.

Personalized Service

Meet & assist services, body-guards, chauffeur and instant requests.